Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Wonders Of Water

The wonders of water and why we should be drinking plenty of it! 

Here are the benefits (aside from the cure for thirst):
  • Water Flushes out Toxins
I don't know about you but I don't want any toxins hanging around. Toxins come from chemicals, the air and food that we consume. Toxins cause inflammation, cancers, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, acne, gas, heartburn and bloating. Toxins even promote those dark circles under your eyes!
  • Water Aids in weight loss 
The diets I have been on suggest drinking hall your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, you would drink 100 ounces a day to aid your weight loss. Water boosts metabolism. Dehydration is also often mistaken for hunger. If you feel hungry, and have recently eaten, try water first. 
  • Water Aids Digestion
Water flushes waste and breaks down food we eat. If you are dehydrated the large intestine soaks up he water from your food waste and causes hard stools. Since your waste is traveling from your stomach to intestines to colon, we need to give it some assistance. Lubricate those organs! 
  • Water Hydrates your skin, thus helping your complexion
Dehydration causes dryness in your skin. Water replenishes skin cells. That increases elasticity reducing wrinkles! 
  • Water Prevents Cramps and Sprains
Dehydration causes muscle fatigue. Water lubricates your joints, relieves stiffness and stabilizes circulation. 
  • Water Increases energy 
Water increases alertness, concentration and energy. Dehydration keeps us from moving, exercising and staying focused so grab some water today! 

A lot of people don't like to drink water, or cannot seem to sip on water. The reasons are taste or lack of. Add some lemon or lime to boost the flavor. Instead of sipping try downing a glass of water every hour. Try different ways that work for you! You will be amazed at how different you feel when you commit to daily hydration. Since half our body is made up of water every system in it depends on it. 

Stay hydrated friends!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week 3 and Still Determined!

I have completed week 3 of my lifestyle change. Some call it a diet. 

I have lost 10 pounds! 

Here is 10 pounds visually..... Kind of puts my efforts in perspective! 

I have been discouraged because it doesn't seem that people are noticing a change in me.

Then I realized the magnitude of 10 actual pounds. 

 I had to remind myself that it took me 10 years to gain all this weight and in time, it will come off. 

The best thing to come out of all of this is I am on the move to healthy living. 

It's never to late to start, and nothing should stop you for trying again. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Completion of Week 2- Journey to Health

The transformation has begun. I am now in week 3 of my health journey.

I have lost 8 pounds! I am pretty excited about it even though I can't even tell. 

I have learned a lot in 2 weeks of what food choices to make, what foods to avoid and what I was/am addicted to. I am learning new recipes and spice combos just to give my husband and I some variety in the limited food choices we have. Beyond Diet started me off on this journey and I am grateful for the help. (No they did not pay me to say that). 

So let me share with you what has transpired in our world. 
  • We haven't eaten out in almost 3 weeks. That is the longest of our almost 20 year married life. 
  • We realized how much we loved food. Ice cream is missing us greatly. 
  • Our taste buds are actually changing. 
  • We feel weak some days which I am sure is the shock of no sugar in our diet. 
  • When we are allowed our cheat day, we actually physically feel bad afterwords. Our body is letting us know what is no longer good for us. 
  • We haven't cheated! Well, I guess we are because we do use creamer in our coffee but that is the only adjustment we felt the need to make. No one is going to alter our coffee time. 
  • We spend a lot of time prepping meals. 
  • I am a little tired of eating the same thing day in and day out. 
  • I do feel discouraged some days but I have to remind myself it took more than 10 years to get this fat and out of shape so I shouldn't expect a miracle in 3 weeks. 

BUT... All that being said, I am still determined to go forward and lose more weight. 

Stay tuned......... 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So I Am On A Journey......

Tuesday, August 5th I decided to make a change.

Some of you reading this may not know me personally or see me on a daily basis. The only "me" you see is in that tiny profile picture on my blog. The me I see daily is unhealthy, overweight and not too happy with her appearance. That is going to change. I AM GOING TO CHANGE.

I found Beyond Diet through my mom. She signed up and got one free. The free one was mine. It is a "diet" per say that kicks off with a 14 day super meal plan and guide. It completely changed the way I see "dieting". I am on my 6th day. 

If you need to lose weight or are just curious about clean eating click here: Beyond Diet 

I have to say, it is NOT EASY. I have even been talking about losing weight and making better choices for years. I am not even sure what gave me the strength to do it this time but I am determined to succeed.  The first 2 weeks of this plan have very limited choices of food BUT, the plan is teaching me about my metabolic type, organic foods and the horrible ingredients in our diets today. 

The cost for this program is $47. Would I spend that, yes. For the tools I have received and the results already it is well worth a look. 

Today, I am down 5 pounds. I have lost 5 pounds in 6 days!

I have bought organic vegetables, chicken, eggs, nuts and fish. I have put aside breads, pastas, boxed food and SWEETS. Lord help me, no sweets.  I have found the importance of fresh markets, farmer's markets and organic foods. 

I now shop the outside perimeter of the grocery store. 

I am not going to lie, I feel hungry. At times I miss my sweets really bad. But today is an official cheat day and what I look forward to most is SPAGHETTI. Tonight Spaghetti it is. 

I would love for you to go on this journey with me as I try to become healthy. I intend to take it one day at a time to lose weight, to feel better and to live longer.

* I have not been compensated by Beyond Diet for this post. 
This is experience and personal opinion only.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Does Anyone Believe In Anything Anymore?

I believe.
I believe in God who sent his son Jesus to save the world. 

Therefore, I believe in Love. 
Love is eternal, bears all things, endures all things and the greatest of all things. 
I believe in Marriage. A lasting one, a covenant. 

I believe in Family. I believe in parents that have shown me unconditional love so that I could pour out that same love and support to my daughter. 
I believe in extended family-  aunts, cousins, uncles, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews who become great friends. I believe in lasting friendships. 

I believe in Angels. 

I believe in Man's Best Friend. 

I believe in The United States of America. 

I believe in Causes and fighting for things you believe in. 

I believe in Life. 

I believe in Legacies. 
Passed down to generations to come...

I believe in Honor and Service. 

I believe in Courage, Strength and the Ability to defeat ALL ODDS. 

I believe in Promises. 


I believe that in this world that has become high paced, confusing, threatening, uneasy and troubled that there ARE still good people. There are still reasons to get up and face each day. I believe that faith, friends and family carry me through trials, tribulations and worrisome days. I believe in laughter and joy in the smallest of things. I believe in sunshine after rain, life after death and eternal peace. 

Believe with me and make this world a brighter place. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Life, For Most, Goes On

For those who have experienced tragedy, life stops. Moments are frozen in time and numbness remains. For us, it was the loss of our grandchild at 7 days old. Time was frozen. At times we are still stuck in those moments and each day we stay in the loss, live the loss and mourn the loss. 

For some, life goes on. 

I don't understand how. How easily moments and memories and tragedies are forgotten. 

This past month is a good example. 

We see on the news the people of the Ukraine facing invasion and eminent war. Every day they live in fear and uncertainty so in essence their lives have stopped, the normalcy of it anyway. Yet here we are in the US taking for granted the freedom of walking around in our own neighborhoods. Freedom to work, play and live in war free zones. 

There have been landslides, floods, school stabbings, disappearing planes. 

Then there is the ferry disaster in South Korea where images of parents screaming for their drowning children haunt my mind, yet we move along as they suffer. 

Tornadoes, flattened homes, flattened communities and flattened families. Children dead under rubble and Fathers hailed heroes for saving some. Yet here I sit in my home, strong and stable. 

Benghazi. Our own soldiers and staff in another country left to fight on their own to live. And our own government failed them. Their families are still frozen in time as the situation is continuously on the news and being investigated. 

Suicide. People taking their lives because life is too much to bear. They are truly frozen as a memory in time. 

Those are just a few examples of every day news stories I see. They come in droves and even overwhelming at times the shape the world is in. 

My challenge is this. How can we all go on and make a difference? 

Remember those who have lost. 

Pray for those DAILY who have lost. 

Volunteer your time, your money and your resources if you can. Invest your time in children, young adults and the future of this nation.  Be vigilant in their lives! 

Be watchful and aware of your neighborhoods, schools and communities. 

Stand for what is right and don't cave to society. 

Reach out in letters, cards, posts, and media to encourage the hurting. 

Smile at a stranger. 

Hug a veteran. 

Be a voice for the voiceless. 

Be grateful, thankful for the mercy you have been shown. 

Don't forget. Never forget. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Birthday in Heaven Angel

Today's the day you would turn five, 
But you're not here with us. 
How we wished you were alive, 
So that we could make a fuss. 

To see you eat your favorite cake, 
Or open a gift or two. 
Would love to watch you sleep and wake, 
And tie your little shoe. 

To see you run, to play and slide, 
See dolls you love the best.
To have you run arms open wide, 
Into your papa's chest. 

Wish we could see your mommys face, 
When you sang your first real song. 
To see you dance around the room, 
So we could tag along. 

Could it be that you would fish, 
Or play with slimy bugs? 
Is it wrong for us to even wish, 
To smother you with hugs. 

Your birthdays come and then they go, 
But the grief remains the same. 
We will never see you grow, 
But forever glad you came. 

Happy birthday angel we miss you bad, 
Miss smiles and kisses too. 
Each day without you is a day that's sad, 
For now we're passing through. 

See you there in heaven some day, 
For its God's promise from his son. 
So for now I will simply say, 
I'll love you 'til life is done.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

April Showers

I'm sure we have all heard the expression when it rains, it pours. 
It seems like in our family April showers have taken on a whole new meaning. 

I lost my one and only grand daughter in April. 
One of my grandmothers died in April. 
Our sweet dog Riggs died in April. 
My chiropractors partner was run over on a sidewalk and fighting for his life and recovery.
 This April. 
I am recovering from a small outpatient surgery, here in April
Now my nieces best friend committed suicide. Again tragedy has struck in April. 

A downpour of grief and circumstance. 

So when to expect the flowers? The sunshine? 

My granddaughter was also born in April. 
My grandma passed on a legacy of a lifelong marriage that to me is priceless. 
Our remaining dogs greet us with unconditional love
My chiropractors partner has made it through the first surgery. 
My body is healing, slowly but surely. 

I am now believing that the sun will shine on my niece once again and she can find some beauty in the memories of her friend. That in this tragedy that we cannot understand God will bring good. 

Grief has no time table. 

No one can tell you how long to grieve and showers will continue to come, but so will the sunshine. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

What Brings You Joy?

What is it that brings you joy?
It seems these days people are generally miserable. The hello's are less, the smiles are less and people don't seem quite as neighborly. Negativity is everywhere you turn. There is a lack of customer service toward the consumer. There is much impatience in traffic and grocery lines. Customers can be just plain rude.
Why? Why is stress and anxiety so rampant when there is much to be joyful about.
So I thought long and hard about the many things that bring me joy and hope perhaps that you find these thing warm your heart as well. If only we could find the good in each day, the wonder.
These are the simple things that warm my heart and bring great joy:
My husband, my lover and best friend- he makes me laugh, keeps me safe and shares life with me.
My dogs, who no matter how long I am away treat me like they are seeing me for the first time.
The Lord Jesus Christ, for he changed my life. I turned away from destruction and found perfect peace.
My family, who encourage me, remember me and make time for me.
My friends, who support me in all my crazy moods, my quirks and my failures.
Coffee, it brings relaxation and warmth in each and every day.
Cookies, yep cookies bring me joy.
A soft breeze that causes my wind chimes to make the most delightful noise.
The sunrise and sunset, a reminder of the depth of God's artistic wonder.
The giggle of a baby.
Flowers and blooming trees.
Autumn leaves and big snowflakes.
Beautiful songs and instruments.
Watching people hug, laugh and love on eachother.
I don't want to be that person in the check out line huffing and puffing or the person screaming in traffic. I don't want to walk by a stanger with a pout or a scowl.
I want to be the smiling, friendly one that brings warmth to another.
How about you?


Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Have Been Robbed

I have been robbed. That is how I actually feel.

Not a feel good post I'm afraid.

I thought about the statement we hear so often and decided it applied to my life, or so I think.
I wasn't robbed of anything material, no house robbery or mugging.

I have been robbed of what could have been. 

Robbed of watching my granddaughters first word, her first step, her first walk, her first day of school. 

I have been robbed of birthday parties and the squeal of the perfect gift. 

I have been robbed of telling stories and reading them.
I have been robbed of boo-boos and chocolate hands.
I have been robbed of snuggling, tickling and hide and seek.

I have been robbed of pony tails and dress up play. 

I have been robbed of swing sets and monkey bars. 

I have been robbed of proms, graduation day. 

I have been robbed of her perfect wedding. 

I have been robbed of such special things.

With a robbery of material goods you can always replace them, buy newer, or never even miss them.

A memory cannot be replaced.

~ i love you forever my sweet sunshine lil C