Sunday, December 8, 2013

Their Love For Us

No matter what mood we are in they love us just the same.

No matter what we look, smell or feel like they love us.

When we are home early they love us.

When we are late? Their excitement never waivers! 

When we are financially secure or when we are broke they never change.

If we are sick or tired they never change.

Not even weather fades their excitement for us. 

Sickness and pain does not stop the wagging tail as they look in your eyes. 

Even facing death they are faithful to love. 

No winds of change end their love for us. 


  1. Simply wonderful companions! I love all your sweet photos!

  2. This is beautiful and made me smile. My husband wants a dog, and the kiddos would LOVE a dog, I didn't grow up with them, so I'm not near so enthusiastic, but this definitely makes me more open to them.
    ~Ruth Anne

  3. So true ~ I've heard that is why when God had Adam name the animals he choose DOG the closest name to GOD (just reversed ;) Both provide unconditional love.

  4. Love all our pups, Jenn, past, present and to come.

    1. AWWWW me too Jean AND ours love you too!!!!!!


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